Bread Maker Machine Maintenance

Maintaining bread maker machine is an easier task and should be conducted on a routine basis. The users should remain assured that their bread machine is operating properly and with utmost efficiency.

While maintaining bread machine majority users perform the average job

People remember installing fresh air filters on the furnace and changing their car oil but sometimes they take situations and products for granted. The present context related to maintenance of bread machine probably falls in this category. Regularly maintaining bread machine is a quite obvious and fairly simple task. This is the cause which results in people sometimes being tempted to overlook the matter. Some manuals of bread machine even skip certain steps related to lubricating spindle bearings which also becomes the cause behind the maintenance of this part being neglected. In this article, this point has also been discussed.

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Bread Maker Machine Maintenance

Routine steps which are needed to be performed for optimizing the baking process of bread machine

Cleaning the bread maker machine regularly after baking each fresh loaf of bread is quite a common feature for maintaining the bread machine. The users should be careful that any kind of liquid or water should not be dropped at the bottom of the bread machine while cleaning it. The pan of the machine can be utilized for collecting liquids like milk and water but the structure of the lower part of the machine is not suited for collecting any sort of liquid. The users should even be careful that the machine has been unplugged and is not even slightly hot while conducting the maintenance procedures or while cleaning.

Keep the machines clean

The bread machines are not generally dishwasher safe; the reason behind this being the bearings which are positioned at the bottom of the bread pan and which requires some sort of lubrication. When the users are cleaning the bread pan with their hands they should take care that they do not possess any kind of abrasive material in their hands. The abrasives can destroy the Teflon /non stick coating which is usually present in the bread machines.

The users should take time to observe the bottom of bread machines when the pan has been removed. This is the place where crumbs and pieces of baked bread can generally be found. Since the bread machine possesses heating elements, the bits of bread continuously go on baking and re-baking with the production of each new loaf of bread. With the passage of time, these pieces of bread tend to get burned giving a pungent burning smell to the freshly baked pieces of bread and even hampers the performance of the bread machine. The bottom layer of the machine can be wiped with a moist piece of cloth or the vacuum cleaners can provide aid in the cleaning process when the hose is attached to it. The users again should be careful that the machine has been unplugged and is completely cool.

They should also remain cautious to rinse away extra moisture which is present in the wash cloth. When the bread loaf rises too high and the baked portion touches the sides and top of the machine; it should be carefully wiped off with a piece of damp cloth. The users should even be careful and avoid scratching the interiors of the machine as this point can become the sticking point of the ingredients in the latter processes. They should not even use harsh chemicals and elements like bleach; the best and effective option for cleaning the machines is water and soap.

Concentrating on bread paddles

Bread paddles are considered the vital part in any bread making machine and they should be provided the utmost care. Several people complain that these bread paddles are very difficult to replace. The most common and painful aspect of bread machine is the common tendency of bread paddles to get stuck to the paddle spindle which is situated at the base of the bread pan or the bread paddles tend to come off with the baked loaf of bread. It becomes easier to clean the bread machine when the bread paddles come off with the baked loaf of bread as it is easily removed and the users can clean it with their hands. The users should, however, avoid the alluring part of adding vegetable grease on the spindle so that it can be easily removed from the paddle. This will gradually lead to the oil becoming thick and getting burnt with time which can lead to the paddle getting stuck. The users should just make it a point to clean the spindles and after paddles after baking each loaf. If still, the paddles get stuck the users should fill the pan with hot water and keep it for thirty minutes before carefully attempting to bring out the paddles.

Oiling the bearings of the bread spindles

The shaft of the bread spindle is located at the bottom of the bread pan which needs oiling at regular intervals. The users should not use oil in the internal spindle or the interiors of the bread pan. Few drops of three in one oil should be added to the external shaft which is located at the bottom of the bread pan. The instruction booklet contains all the information needed for lubrication of this particular section of mechanism. Several users fail to follow this particular step of maintenance. There are innumerable bread users who have earned the benefits of performing this insignificant maintenance which has assured them of more efficient and stable working bread machines. The owners of bread machines can go through this maintenance procedure on a monthly basis or even frequently if their bread machines start producing peculiar sounds. Everything is dependent on the frequency of baking episodes.

Follow the instruction manuals

Basic recipe booklet and recommendations for performing maintenance are provided in the manual book which is provided along with the bread making machine. The users should take time and thoroughly read the instruction manual and try following them strictly. If a particular machine does not have an instruction manual then the users should try downloading it from the company website available on the internet. Gradually the users will become habituated to this maintenance procedure and can enjoy the benefits provided by this bread machine for many more years.