What Is Bread Machine Yeast? | Yeast Types & Usage

Well bread machine yeast is instant yeast that is used to prepare bread by both traditional and machine method. However, instant yeast is not recommended for use in ‘refrigerated dough baking’ method because instant yeast does not need moisture to activate itself. There are two main categories of yeast, one is dry yeast and the other is fresh yeast.

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Dry yeast has a long shelf life is does not get spoiled soon but fresh yeast is generally very perishable and thus it is hard for the storekeepers to manage them before they are spoiled. Whose consequences are that fresh yeast is used only by professional or at bakeries. You will not be able to find fresh yeast at any of your local stores. Thus, normally dry yeast is used for home purposes.

Let us talk about the three types of yeast that have been known so far, Active yeast, Instant yeast and Rapid-rise yeast. All the three could be used to prepare bread but we will tell you about the best one so that you prepare delicious loafs every time.

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Active dry yeast

It is commonly available to us as home bakers. Its action resembles to its name but it remains inactive until it comes in contact with liquid or moisture. Thus bread machine manual recipes direct you to use dry flour initially because your bread will spoil if the yeast activated prematurely.

It can be stored at room temperature for a long time. It has some very good bread making qualities especially in regions with extreme hot and humid conditions. It needs to be rehydrated before use. When you use active dry yeast, your dough will take time to rise. This proves it is slow yeast. Breads that are prepared in bakeries are usually given two rises.

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Instant dry yeast

The only difference between active dry yeast and instant dry yeast is that the granules of the latter are comparatively smaller in size. This also makes it comparatively more perishable but it does not need rehydration before use. Thus, it is generally used in dry flour. Its name represents its quality. It is called instant because it is faster than active dry yeast. It has numerous live cells which makes it easy to dissolve.

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Rapid rise dry yeast

Rapid rise dry yeast contains a lot smaller granules as compared to instant dry yeast. This quality helps the bread to rise faster. Rapid rise dry yeast is generally recommended for bread machine use because it rises faster than the other two discussed above. Anyway a lot of people have stated that rapid rise yeast always compromises with the taste of bread because the rising of dough is too quick and the flavors might have not developed properly.

Best yeast for bread machine

All the three types of yeast can be used to prepare bread in a bread machine. But we need to rank the three then the instant yeast stands first, the active yeast stands second and the rapid rise stands third.

Instant dry yeast is best to prepare bread because it is obviously faster that the active dry yeast. It can be used with dry flour. It takes comparatively lesser time to raise the dough than the rapid rise yeast. It can help double rise of dough and thus flavors can easily develop in the bread.

The second ranked yeast that is the active yeast is also a good option because the more the merrier. The longer time it takes to raise the dough the more flavors can produce in itself.

The last option that you can go for is the rapid rise yeast as we have discussed above. The rapid rise yeast is the least recommended yeast because it takes very less time to raise the dough. This might not favor to develop flavors in bread. You should not go for this option until you are in a real hurry.

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